Leadercast Bahamas 2017 - Powered by Purpose Award Recipients

Pastors Mario and Erika Moxey are “Leaders worth following”. Leaders who lead with integrity, discipline, excellence, clarity, authenticity and who put people first and build through collaboration.  We are honored to have Pastors Mario and Erika Moxey as our Leadercast Bahamas 2017 “Powered by Purpose” award recipients. 


Pastor Mario Moxey

Pastor Mario Moxey has a strong passion for The Bahamas, its people, music and culture.  He is a nationalist who celebrates our Bahamian heritage with a special message series during the month of July every year.  He educates his congregation on important aspects of Bahamian history, the national flag, coat of arms and Constitution of The Bahamas.  He inspires Bahamians to live out the vision of our founding fathers as outlined in our constitution, reminding us that the preservation of our freedom will be guaranteed by a national commitment to Self-discipline, Industry, Loyalty, Unity and an abiding respect for Christian values and the Rule of Law. 

Thousands of people have attended or tune into his annual watch night services to hear his prophetic word for the new year.  Over the years, he has encouraged Bahamians to “Overcome Mountains”, “Be the Difference”, “Seize the Moment” and in 2017 “Raise the Foundation”.

Pastor Mario epitomizes the definition of LEADERSHIP, that is “to influence others to achieve goals”.  Through his teaching, coaching and mentoring he has developed and impressive cadre of leaders who are all “Powered by Purpose” to effect life change in themselves and others.

Pastor Mario is loved, watched and admired for his principled stance on tough issues and emulation of high moral and ethical standards in his lifestyle.  Pastor Mario is Powered by Purpose to strengthen core values and build a stronger foundation in the lives of Bahamians.


Pastor Erika Moxey

Pastor Erika Moxey is committed to youth development.  Her mantra: “I’d rather build boys and girls than repair men and women”.  With this mission, she is driven to do whatever it takes to ensure that the needs of children are identified and addressed.  She understands the importance of teaching kids in stimulating age-appropriate environments and custom programing to reach kids in more effective ways.  Hundreds of kids attend weekly sessions and summer camps that are purposely designed to INCITE WONDER, PROVOKE DISCOVERY AND FUEL PASSION IN THE HEARTS OF THE NEXT GENERATION.


Pastor Erika’s high standard of excellence contagiously rubs off on those around her.  Her teams understand the “WHY” behind what they do and are motivated to make a difference.  She leads teams of volunteers each year to professional development conferences to gain additional training and deeper insights on how to reach the next generation.  Pastor Erika is Powered by Purpose and intentional about instilling positive virtues and values to save our children.